ABC Christian Academy is a Christ-centered and international school dedicated to sharing God’s love through quality education in a professional, excellent, caring environment.

Our Mission

The purpose of the ABC Christian Academy is to provide a quality Christian education in a Christian environment for the Christian families of Lilongwe. This Christian education will be implemented through the development of high standard facilities, the recruitment of qualified teachers, incorporating quality curriculum, and making Christ the center of learning.

The most important thing about Christian education is that it changes lives. It helps build character in students. It gives young people the foundation they will need to build strong marriages and families, and the ability to live lives pleasing to God.

The vision of the ABC Christian Academy is twofold: (1) To empower children with the knowledge of God’s word by making Christ the center of all learning. (2) To establish an early commitment to the truths of Scripture through their education, thereby reinforcing the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is our belief that this type of holistic Christian education can only take place in a Christian environment, with high caliber Christian teachers, quality Christian curriculum and adequate facilities.

There has been a distinct absence of this type of education in Lilongwe. Therefore it is the desire of the ABC Christian Academy to meet this need. To make quality Christian education available to as many Christian families — both missionary and non-missionary, both Malawian and non-Malawian — as possible. Our desire is to do this without compromising our Christian faith, our Christian witness or the educational standards upon which this institution is founded.



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